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Gain hands-on experience in a virtual learning environment with engaging and transformative content from our subject matter experts. Workshops and online courses provide the knowledge and skills you need to feel confident about your DEIB efforts.
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Online courses

We provide online courses that prepare everyone to engage with diverse populations. We offer an array of courses that cover everything from implicit bias to leadership development to conflict resolution, helping our learners gain knowledge and practice their skills at the same time.

Training Partners & Content Hosting

To improve DEIB learning experiences, Know More partners with Training Partners, who inform our online content and workshops. Our platform offers access to a diverse range of DEIB experts, companies, and organizations, creating a robust curriculum. Interested in becoming a Training Partner or Hosting Your Content with us? 

Public Workshops

If you want to participate in our or our partners' workshops, you've come to the right place. We offer regular training workshops to help you learn and practice the skills needed to become more interculturally competent.

Online Courses & Resources

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