People-Centered Sales Training

Whether you’re a dedicated small business owner looking to scale your business, a 9 to 5 professional looking to knock their numbers out of the park next quarter, or a nonprofit leader focused on fundraising and enrolling volunteers you need a people-first proven sales strategy to consistently achieve your goals.
  • Influence Others

    Ethically incorporate influence in sales
  • Tell Your Story

    Be challenged to authentically tell your story
  • Mindset Change Tools

    Leverage tangible tools to shift your sales mindset 
  • Take Action

    Define your unique WHY to connect with your clients

Are you looking for sales training with a people first philosophy?

You've come to the right place! We call it the Flow to Thriving in Sales. Our sales training keeps relationships first and leverages emotional intelligence + strategy.

The Flow to Thriving in Sales

Our Sales Philosophy = Emotional Intelligence (EQ) + Strategy
Foundational Concept

Growth + Abundance Mindset

We are committed to equipping you with the necessary resources to excel in both work and life, enabling you to unleash your full potential.

Understanding Influence

This learning experience focuses on people and provides tools for building relationships to enhance your interactions with others.

Your Unique 'Why'

Understand how your purpose, mission, and cause help you create engaging sales messages.
Foundational Concept

Sharing Your Story

An essential aspect of successful sales is building confidence to share your story with trusted individuals.
Take Action & practice

Getting Out There

Expand your comfort zone by networking intentionally and enhancing your online presence.
Take Action & Practice

The Deal

Practice people-centered negotiation and closing to transform transactions into partnerships, ultimately leading to success in sales and life.
Although I have many years of sales experience, I believe there is always something to learn from others. The topics of this course are on-point.

It was refreshing to be in a sales training class focused on being "more human" with less focus on "smiling and dialing." That is a practice of the past and is no longer relevant to the way people want to collaborate.
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Julie Hoberty, Senior Business Development Executive, CleanSlate Technology Group
A people-centered learning experience

You will leave this Sales Training with:

Learn to use all the related tools, learn and grow your sales skills to and add value to the world and those you meet. 
  • Intentional networking & omni-channel outreach strategies.
  • More tools to build long-term reciprocal relationships & close sales.
  • Learn how to ethically incorporate influence in sales strategies.
  • Gain an understanding of the psychology of influence and persuasion.

Meet Rebecca

Rebecca embraces the spirit of playing BIG and has already achieved an outstanding over $250 million in revenue throughout her career as a People-Centered Sales professional. Her talent for guiding and inspiring others shines brightly on the journey she carves, continuously lifting up sales professionals at every step of their careers. Join Rebecca as she shares best practices, tools, and resources on how to level up your sales skills.
Training Partner
“An abundance mindset isn't just an inspirational catchphrase; it's a tangible actionable strategy.”

Rebecca Bormann

Founder & CEO

Course contents

Course reviews

I joined the Sales Training Cohort because I wanted to work on being the most authentic sales person I could be. I can’t tell even tell you how beneficial the sales cohort has been for me! It has helped me become the sales person and professional I’ve really wanted to be.
Cindy Schaefer, Business Partnership Developmen
"This course is a wonderful way to become more confident with procedures that will allow for better standard of care and level of proficiency."

Rebecca Bormann

Founder & CEO
Rebecca Bormann Consulting


As Founder and CEO of RB Consulting, Rebecca has over two decades of experience in sales, marketing, and leadership. She has closed over $100 million in revenue, excels at mentoring sales professionals, and advocates for gender equality and inclusion in business and STEM fields through community involvement. Rebecca holds certifications in ITIL Foundation v4 and Cisco Sales Expert (CSE), and has completed programs like Interrupting Racism for our Children and Nonprofit Fundraising.