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P30 101

Learn about the mission, vision & culture of P30 Indy, the Far Eastside's premiere co-working space.
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  • P30 History

    A Far Eastside Gem
    What you are going to learn

    We are committed to the Far Eastside

    The success of P30 depends on the strength of its community relations. Our members vary in education level, business age, and creative desires, but have one main commonality- they seek a space that will DISRUPT Inequality, IGNITE Hope, LAUNCH Prosperity. 

    You will learn:

    • The Who and What of P30 Indy
    • The history, the importance, and value of the Far Eastside of Indianapolis
    • What it means to be a community member
    • How to effectively use our beautiful space

    Learn more about our programs at P30

    Launch BNB

    LBNB provides resources and opportunities for entrepreneurs and business owners on the Far Eastside of Indianapolis to grow their businesses.

    Real Estate Boot Camp

    Real Estate Boot Camp (REBC) helps local developers buy, develop, and sell real estate while ensuring affordable housing and homeownership opportunities for those in need.

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    Tamise Cross

    Executive Director, P30 Indy
    To learn more about P30 Indy, visit


    As the Executive Director at P30, my purpose-driven life brings meaning and fulfillment. I connect people and foster relationships to create an environment where ideas flourish. I uplift others and empower them to unlock their extraordinary potential. I inspire through my actions and enthusiasm, creating a ripple effect that touches lives. Challenges are opportunities for growth, setbacks are lessons in resilience, and successes are milestones on my journey. Together, let's embrace purpose, find joy, and transform lives.

    Course reviews

    “We see you. We love you. We're committed to you and your growth."
    Erin Parker, P30
    We're here to help the narrative of the Far Eastside be changed.
    Montavia Rowley, P30