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New Training Partner Onboarding

As a training partner, you play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our communities, promoting social equity, and empowering individuals to reach their full potential. Our onboarding process is designed to equip you with the knowledge, tools, and support needed to excel in your new role. We believe in the power of unity and the strength found in learning from each other. This is why we've established an inclusive environment where everyone's voice matters, and every contribution is valued.
  • Customized Support

    We meet you where you are
  • 30 Days

    Onboarding period
  • Your Pace

    Learn at your pace
  • Go Live

    When you are ready
    What we will accomplish together

    Our onboarding process

    Thank you for your interest in joining our Training Partner Network! Please note that you are not officially a Training Partner until you complete the Training Partner Application below and meet other requirements before receiving an invitation to our network and being promoted to our diverse clients. We would also like to inform you that your card will not be charged until the end of the trial and onboarding period which lasts 30 days.

    What to expect next:

    • Complete the Training Partner Application
    • If your application is approved, pay your one-time setup fee (amount depends on your membership level)
    • Schedule your custom onboarding session
    • Build your learning platform
    • Go live and grow your training or consulting business

    Begin your new partner onboarding now

    Big Challenges. Need. Great people.

    Our vision is to make YOU more creative, more professional, more happy, more ready to meet the needs of your clients. Here is what we look for when vetting DEIB training professionals to join our Training Partner Network.

    1# You Are Committed to Yourself.

    We are looking for partners who are willing to invest time and money in developing their skills, business, and influence. We want you to be dedicated to the process of becoming better in our work as DEIB leaders, trainers, and consultants.

    #2 You are committed to Others.

    We love learning and are passionate about human-centered training. We work with Training Partners known for commitment, flexibility, competence, and innovation. Our partners must understand shared-value, be open to feedback, and demonstrate an Outward Mindset.

    #3 You are committed to your Community. 

    Accountability means taking ownership of results. Our Training Partners understand what needs to be done and do whatever it takes to achieve the right outcomes for their clients. To join our network, partners must demonstrate experience and knowledge of DEIB best practices, frameworks, and strategies. We are committed to ensuring that potential clients are presented with experts who will drive results.

    What's Included in all Membership Levels?

    Outstanding benefits for highly customizable Support, Courses, Resources, and Partnerships.

    Monthly Partner Calls

    Facilitators & Consultants across numerous industries to meet and learn from each other through best practice discussions, lessons learned, and RFP collaboration opportunities.

    Content Hosting

    Enhance your training business by hosting content on our platform, taking advantage of our instructional design consulting to streamline your learning materials, or design your own custom, white-labeled platform and branded mobile app.

    Support that meet you where you are

    No matter your level of contribution and engagement, our team is here to support you as you grow your training business.

    Increased Revenue

    Through referrals, online subscriptions, collaborations, and revenue share opportunities, increase and diversify your income by joining our Training Partner Network. 

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    Derrin Slack, PMP, CIP

    CEO, Know More LLC


    Derrin Slack is the Founder and CEO of Know More LLC, a training consultancy focused on operationalizing DEIB for individuals and organizations. With over 10 years of executive leadership experience, Derrin is certified in various leadership tools and assessments. He has transformed cultures and mindsets through training, coaching, mentoring, and Human-Centered Community Service™. Derrin is also a father of two, podcast host, speaker, and thought leader on social impact, diversity, and leadership.