Sample Curriculum Content

Harmanize Communities Sample Curriculum

Our mission is to empower youth voices to foster servant leaders and unite communities toward empathy and equity.
  • Small Cohorts

    Engaging small groups of youth in schools
  • 21st-Century Skills

    Teaching youth skills they need to succeed
  • Custom Support

    Our team meets you where you are
  • Facilitated Curriculum

    Semester-long content that empowers youth
    What you are going to learn

    We are committed to the City of Indianapolis

    Our mission is to empower youth voices and unite communities toward empathy and equity. We aim to nurture humble servant leaders, amplify unheard voices, and promote unity to harmonize communities. We encourage youth and those who learn and serve with them to adopt our values: STAND TALL - Think Critically, Act Responsibly, Lead Authentically, Learn Effectively. Overall, our goal is to empower youth to recognize, embrace, and articulate their skills confidently, fostering self-assurance and a sense of ownership in their capabilities and contributions.

    You will learn:

    • Who and what is Harmanize Communities
    • How our youth program curriculum is structured
    • What are our program costs to a school, church, and community organization
    • A preview of one of our youth workshop's flow and content

    Mya Daelynn (she/her)

    Founder & Executive Director, Harmanize Communities
    Founder & CEO, Harmanize Strategies

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    Robert Ingersoll's quote, "We rise by lifting others," inspires me to empower women and youth. I achieve this through community service, equitable practices, intentional project management, strategic classroom programming, and compassionate relationship building. I believe that serving our communities and each other is the best way to address inequalities globally.

    Organizational reviews

    The heart behind Harmanize Communities is what inspires me to continue to support our scholars each and every year. 
    RebaH Ginn, Circle City Prep
    [Mya] and her team are, quite frankly, magic. The way they engage youth and keep them interested and excited to participate each year is incredible to see.
    Rahul Jyoti, Victory College Prep