Certification & Credential

Community Builder Certification Program

3 months + Capstone Project

Intensive curriculum

20-30 Leaders

Per cohort

Blended Learning

Online Courses + In person Workshops
Our Community Builder Certification Program targets the confidence and competence new leaders need to recognize and apply the skills and behaviors required to help your business or organization grow and impact its community from a human-centered, equitable lens.

Applications for our 2024 Cohorts open soon (May 1, 2024)

Unlock Your Potential to Lead. 

  • Earn Your Credential

    Who is eligible to apply for Community Builder Certification Program and their credential?
    • Applicants are encouraged to/nominated to apply by their supervisor/manager and should be age 18+ on the date applications are due.
    • Have both a demonstrated interest in community issues and a record of leadership in voluntary community activities or possess a passion for DEIB, social justice, and community engagement.
    • Occupy a position of leadership reflecting significant achievement relative to age and providing the opportunity to have a significant influence on issues facing our community.
    • Be able to commit to the attendance and time requirements.
  • Enhance your leadership toolbelt

    Successful completion of the Community Builder Certification Program prepares candidates to lead diverse teams effectively. They are also equipped to address social issues affecting vulnerable populations and promote diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging within their organization.

These content partners inform this credentialing program

Requirements + Expectations

All participating leaders are expected to fulfill the learning requirements for the Know Self, Know Others, and Know Community modules of our Community Builder Certification Program.

Mindset Change Online Courses

Two of our most popular online courses are included in this program: Outward Performance Online and Outward Inclusion Online. Offering over 20 mindset change implementation and leadership tools.

Three (3) Insightful Individual Assessments

Gain valuable insights into your leadership skills and personal growth with the DiSC Assessment, Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), and Psychological Safety Languages of Influence (PSLOI) 360 Assessment.

What's included?

Ten (10) Facilitated Group Workshops

Participants will grow as individuals and leaders who have a clear passion and purpose to influence change at their companies, in their families, and in their communities.

Practical Leadership Development Plans

Our training program aims to develop practical skills. Your success in implementing your Intercultural Development Plan (IDP) and Legacy Leadership Development Plan (LLDP) validates our work and your personal growth.

Transferrable Knowledge and Skills

Strategies shared and knowledge earned allows our learners to immediately apply their skills to their business and start leading in a greater capacity no matter where they are.

Benefits of our training programs

For your career and life

Participants will grow as individuals and leaders who have a clear passion and purpose to influence change at their companies, in their families, and in their communities.

Derrin Slack, PMP, CIP

CEO, Know More LLC


Derrin Slack is the Founder and CEO of Know More LLC, a training consultancy focused on operationalizing DEIB for individuals and organizations. With over 10 years of executive leadership experience, Derrin is certified in various leadership tools and assessments. He has transformed cultures and mindsets through training, coaching, mentoring, and Human-Centered Community Service™. Derrin is also a father of two, podcast host, speaker, and thought leader on social impact, diversity, and leadership.

Course reviews

Wow - this experience changed my life. This program really has given me the confidence I needed to advocate for myself at work, connect with others, and affirm who I am.
Tina Booze, OneAmerica
I never thought I would find my voice, and yet, this program helped me find my purpose, solidify my passions, and it gave me hope to help others find their voice just as I have found mine.
Mya Daelynn, ProAct Indy
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